• $0.79* Double Color Changing Silks

    $200.00 $49.99

    UP TO 90% OFF RETAIL, AS LOW AS $0.79
    Small International orders (up to 100 pc) fit into $35. USPS flat rate envelopes. 

    Typically we produce these in vibrant colors of Bright Green, Purple, Red, Blue.
    We also produce large custom orders. 

    We individually package these with instruction card and resealable so you can easily add your own promotional business card. 

    The perfect give-away items for those birthday party, teaching magic events. 
    Our double color changing silk trick has been a constant favorite and retails between $5. - $10. each, making this our #1 bulk wholesale item.

    Total length 24", Polyester. 

    Our product is made with high quality soft polyester with our unique reverse double upholster stitched center...we ensure the longest and most durable use as these are pulled many times. 

    With the ease of use for all ages and most visual magic, this product will quickly become a favorite for your fundraising or back of room sales.   

    Please Note: We include instruction card and most compact resealable packages for those who wish to insert your own business card. Our last shipment has the starter corner in bag potion of silk as indicated on instruction cards. All colors and quality are perfect.