Rhino Flight

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Rhino is the product on many TV Specials including Americas Got Talent. 

From an engineering spec the rise is set around 15” but can be adjusted by the owner. 
We have seen some performers setting their Rhino Flight at 15- 20” based on whatever liability the owner is willing to take. 
Keeping in mind the entire hidden support is only 1” and pressure significantly multiplies the further away the weight is lifted. 
There are currently no injures brought to our attention, but this can be a dangerous machine as performers heavily abuse and often use props that are damaged. 

The only limitation we give is the battery power supply and even then it can be easily increased to accomplish a smoother non stop performances.   

Everything is set to adjustable timers from the moment physically turned on. 

You can even walk away as the first timer is engaged for a set duration before anything happens. 

We typically supply 0-10 sec timers for each interval which is the most common desired range, but we have additional timers for unique needs. 

Table height is typically requested around 30-32” but when we built these into custom props the hidden portion should be no less than 27” with the same given rise. 

Everything is considered back ordered and we are always improving for our newest most durable version of this product. 

Be aware of similar in appearance copies are being sold of many popular items. 

We only support the products that we build and are purchased directly purchased from us.  




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